G-191 ICS/EOC Interface

Student Resources

Student Manual G 191 with Notes.pdf

Student Manual With Notes

G 191 Agenda - Two Instructors

Agenda - Two Instructors

G191 Full Slide Set

Slide Deck

G-191 Group Activities - All in One.pdf

Unit Activities

Handouts, Information, & Resources

IAEM Bulletin FEB 2015 Notes from a Wildfire EOC.pdf

Notes from a Wildfire EOC

EOC Forms Briefing and Meeting Agendas

EOC Briefing Forms

EOC Initial Activation Situational Awareness Activities 2021

EOC Initial Activation Activities

FEMA Field Operations Guide.pdf

FEMA Field Operations Guide

EOC Go Bag List 06/20

EOC Go Bag List

EOC Organization Chart.pdf

EOC ICS Organization Chart

EOC STATUS BOARD 3 ft by 4 ft.pdf

Large EOC Status Board 3'x4'

PSI EOC Status Boards

EOC Status Boards - Single Pages

EOC Staff Member Checklist

EOC Staff Member Checklist

Activity 7.1 ICS EOC Readiness Assessment Checklist.pdf

Activity 7.1 ICS/EOC Interface Preparedness Plan

Helpful Videos

NIMS/ICS Success Story

ICS Command Function
It's Canadian, but good eh'

EOC Preparing for the Unthinkable

Unified Command Meeting