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"But all things should be done decently and in order." (ESV)
1 Corinthians 14:40

IAEM Bulletin FEB 2015 Notes from a Wildfire EOC.pdf

Notes from a Wildfire EOC

EOC Forms Briefing and Meeting Agendas

EOC Briefing Forms

EOC Initial Activation Situational Awareness Activities 2021

EOC Initial Activation Activities

CPG 1-20 Emergency Operating Centers.pdf

1984 CPG 1-20 Emergency Operating Centers w/ 1986 Chg 1

EOC Go Bag List 06/20

EOC Go Bag List

EOC Organization Chart.pdf

EOC ICS Organization Chart

EOC Example Incident Objectives 9/2017

Sample University EOC Objectives

Potential EOC Objectives

EOC Sample Objectives - Lifelines and ICS-Like, etc.

EOC Staff Member Checklist

EOC Staff Member Training Checklist

EOC Planning P

EOC Planning P

Battle Rhythm Template

EOC Planning P
Battle Rhythm 

EOC STATUS BOARD 3 ft by 4 ft

Large EOC Status Board 3'x4'

UEOC IAP Active Shooter 9/2017

Pre-Planned Center Action Plan - Shooter

UEOC IAP Active Shooter Org Chart 9/2017

Pre-Planned Org Chart - Shooter

UEOC IAP Hazardous Materials Incident 9/17

Pre-Planned Center Action Plan - HazMat

EOC Table Signs.pdf

Stark County OH
EOC Lifelines Table Signs

Blue Sky & Black Sky Roles.pdf

Stark County OH Blue / Black Sky Roles

Overarching Incident Priorities.pdf

Stark County OH EOC Incident Priorities 

EOC Master Incident Status EEI 2021

EOC Essential Elements of Information Gathering Form

Resource Request - ICS 213 RR Shelby Update 1 21 19.pdf

Example: Resource Request
RR 213 Form

213 RR Instructions Shelby.pdf

Instructions Resource Request
RR 213 Form

WCO EMA Scene Support Initial Activation Situational Awareness Activities

EOC Phone Checklist with IC


EOC Rules

PSI EOC Status Boards

EOC Status Boards - Single Pages

PSI Sample Streamlined Training and Exercise Plan

Example: Streamlined Training & Exercise Plan

NAU UEOC Activation Handbook.docx

Example: University EOC Activation Handbook

The Marc Burdiss Off Label Emergency Management Professional Reading List

Marc's 2019 Emergency Manager Reading List

Helpful Videos

EOC Preparing for the Unthinkable

Hacking the EOC - Marc-Burdiss-YouTube.mp4

Hacking the EOC - Marc's IAEM Presentation

Helpful Folders

EOC Table Tents

Simple Job Aid & Implementing Instructions Formats